Art Rock

When rock sculptures first started cropping up on the banks of the Hudson last winter, I assumed riverside driftwood artist El Ropo was exploring a new theme. Then I happened to pass by while the artist was working and realized this was someone new. Bridget Polk (who bears no relation to the Warhol superstar) has been creating rock sculptures along the river for about a year. They are monumental, precariously placed and yet perfectly suited to the environment. The stones are best viewed at sunset when their weight and inscrutability give them an elemental power. In this three-minute video Polk talks about the art of rock balancing and unwinding by the river.

Postscript 11/28/2010: Dozens of friends and admirers gathered along the Hudson on a recent afternoon to watch Bridget Polkcreate her last riverbank rock sculpture. After 26 years in New York, she is moving to Oregon, where she will be a stone’s throw from the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

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