New York City Triathlon, 2010

More than 3,000 athletes from around the world plunged into the Hudson early Sunday morning to compete in the 10th Annual Nautica New York City Triathlon. The race consists of a 1-mile swim between 99th and 81st Streets, a 25-mile bike loop along the Henry Hudson Parkway, and a 5-mile run through Central Park. The swim is widely considered to be the easy part of the race owing to the Hudson’s strong southward current.

While the 31-mile course may seem like the province of superhumans to those of us at the couch-potato-to-5K end of the fitness spectrum, the event has become so popular among aspiring triathlete champions that event organizers will adopt a NY Marathon-style lottery for those looking to compete in next year’s race.

This year’s top winners – Czech Olympian Filip Ospaly who finished in 1:46:28, and second-time pro women’s champ Rebeccah Wassner of NYC who ran home in 2:00:25 – both scored $8,000 cash prizes. Wassner’s twin sister Laurel, the world’s only pro triathlete cancer survivor, took second place in 2:02:16. I daresay a handful of determined contenders is still running.

Parks On Fire (California Burning Mix) used courtesy of Dj Rkod/cc Mixter

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