Human Leg Found Floating Near 79th Street Boat Basin

A leg was pulled out of the Hudson River yesterday after a jogger spotted it floating near the 79th Street Boat Basin around 12:30 p.m..

I shot the above video while biking past the spot around 3:00 as a medical examiner took it out of a red plastic bag surrounded by a dozen-member crime unit. The leg didn’t look badly decoposed but did seem to be bruised.

Local newspaper reports have linked the limb to the missing New Jersey woman whose torso was found floating near Red Hook, Brooklyn on June 27thFriends reportedly believe both remains belong to Jenny Londono, a 31-year-old bar owner from Englewood, New Jersey who has been missing since June 25th.

Postscript: DNA testing confirmed that the leg found floating near the 79th Street Boat Basin belonged to Jenny Londono. Raphael Lolos, 40, was charged with murdering Londono and dumping her dismembered body in the Hudson River last month.  On July 19th, NYPD fished a second leg out of the river near 66th Street.



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